Hi all and Welcome to the Fever Development Group !

Group mission :
Discuss ( if you want ;) ) about a new available ActionScript 2.0
framework named Fever. ( SVN notifications, bug report, feedback, ... )

Fever presentation :
OpenSource (MPL1.1) ActionScript 2.0 Framework targeted for Flash
Player version >= 8.

It's composed in 2 main sections :
- The pure Fever Framework : which defines useful tools to create rich
application or web site ( data validation, history managment, visual
effect, keyboard managment, I/O and more to come...)
- AsWing extensions library : which gives extensions to existing AsWing
GUI Framework.
Fever is fully compliant with MTASC Compiler.
Fever profits from the power of the Pixlib Framework in many

Why a new AS2 Framework again ?
To give a complete, easy and robust way for building Flash applications
or full Flash websites using the incredible team : Fever / AsWing /
Pixlib ( FAP )

Some useful links now :
- Google code page : http://code.google.com/p/as2fever/
- Google SVN: http://as2fever.googlecode.com/svn/
- My blog ( fr ) : http://www.customactions.net/webblog/
- Pixlib framework : http://www.osflash.org/pixlib/
- AsWing site : http://www.aswing.org

A first FAP application named "Samples viewer" can be viewed on

Hope Fever can help some of you for their development ;)

Romain Ecarnot

Celà faisait un moment que je l'attendais, c'est chose faite. :)
Romain vient de rendre disponible Fever, sont framework. Ayant eu la chance de pouvoir déjà jouer un peu avec, je peux vous dire que Fever vient de rejoindre les "linked libraries" de mes projets FDT. :)

//TODO learn Fever API

++ ;)