Created on 2008-01-11 12:11:09.


Francis Bourre: 10:03:02
bonjour à tous! :)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:03:13
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:03:30
Salut :)
Aigret Axel: 10:03:35
One again Everybody  :D
Néhémie Cédric: 10:03:38
pedro n'a pas été ajouté il me semblre
Francis Bourre: 10:04:11
Ok, let me resume the context
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:04:15
2 plantage de Skype en 1 minute :p
Francis Bourre: 10:04:32
LowRA's devt has been relaunched monday
Francis Bourre: 10:05:00
There are 4 parts that need to be covered (tell me if I forgot one)
Francis Bourre: 10:05:21
- framework development (I'll explore the details later)
Francis Bourre: 10:05:35
- documentation (framework doc and tutorials)
Francis Bourre: 10:05:38
- testing
Francis Bourre: 10:05:43
- community tools
Francis Bourre: 10:06:01
anything more we need?
mickael: 10:06:20
welcome gilles
Aigret Axel: 10:06:26
good part i think
gilles Bertrand: 10:06:32
hello all
Aigret Axel: 10:06:39
hi :D
Néhémie Cédric: 10:06:39
Francis Bourre: 10:06:43
ok, so let's continue!
Francis Bourre: 10:06:48
about framework devt
Francis Bourre: 10:07:26
that's an open-source project and a real community project (pixlib wasn't community oreiented)
Francis Bourre: 10:07:46
lowra was in standby till few months
Francis Bourre: 10:08:11
there was some inconsistencies
Francis Bourre: 10:08:16
2 repositories
Francis Bourre: 10:08:33
some parallel versions (xavier, laurent, prizee ...)
Francis Bourre: 10:09:02
wee need to get a perfect working trunk at this time
Francis Bourre: 10:09:16
with full ioc implementations
Francis Bourre: 10:09:31
so what are the tasks we define these last days:
Francis Bourre: 10:09:51
- Collections <- Cedric worked on it
Francis Bourre: 10:10:00
Cédric can you resume what you've done at this time?
Néhémie Cédric: 10:10:06
Néhémie Cédric: 10:10:32
formally, I harmonized behaviors of the whole collections set
Néhémie Cédric: 10:11:33
for example, the collection interface defined rules for collections, but each concret implementation doesn't follow it correctly
Aigret Axel: 10:11:45
hashmap ;)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:11:46
the point I worked on : 
Francis Bourre: 10:12:09
(yeah I think Hasmap doesn't implement Collection at this time )
Néhémie Cédric: 10:12:31
Hashmap aren't collection, but Map
Néhémie Cédric: 10:12:41
its another kind of data structures
Francis Bourre: 10:12:55
We ain't got any Map interface, I don't think we need one at this time. do we?
Néhémie Cédric: 10:12:56
about collections ;
Aigret Axel: 10:13:22
no just use basic class of package collection if possible :)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:13:31
nop, as AS3 doesn't provide all facilities java provide
Néhémie Cédric: 10:13:47
such threading, 
Néhémie Cédric: 10:14:30
back to collections, now all errors are harmonized over implementations
Francis Bourre: 10:15:09
Cédric follows java behaviors evrytime it was possible (am I right cédric? ;) )
Néhémie Cédric: 10:15:11
type management have been moved in collection, in prevision of next release of the flash player
Néhémie Cédric: 10:15:23
Néhémie Cédric: 10:16:11
the documentation have been completed
Francis Bourre: 10:16:17
is it fully done (about doc)
Francis Bourre: 10:16:20
Néhémie Cédric: 10:16:28
so i could suggest to take a look at it
Néhémie Cédric: 10:16:46
yes, the whole collection package is documented
Francis Bourre: 10:16:51
today, can we say in resume that collections package is finished ?
Néhémie Cédric: 10:17:45
i could suggest to add some advanced collection such SortedSet or other possible conversion of java collection
Néhémie Cédric: 10:17:55
but for the main part is fully fonctionnal
Francis Bourre: 10:18:07
ok nice!
Francis Bourre: 10:18:11
let's continue
Francis Bourre: 10:18:16
about structures now, we removed Point and Rectangle
Francis Bourre: 10:18:26
can you explain in few lines cédric?
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:18:33
yesss :)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:18:46
about the Point and Rectangle ? 
mickael: 10:18:54
(francis, I paste the begin to flapflap private room hummmm)
Benoît Milgram: 10:19:07
Thanks ;)
Francis Bourre: 10:19:31
(cool! hello benoit! ;) )
Aigret Axel: 10:19:37
gilles Bertrand: 10:19:41
gilles Bertrand: 10:19:43
Néhémie Cédric: 10:19:45
its pretty simple, they wasn't usefull, worse, it was very hard to work with flash and lowra point together
gilles Bertrand: 10:19:46
Benoît Milgram: 10:19:46
Hi to everyone
Aigret Axel: 10:20:16
right cedric
Néhémie Cédric: 10:20:21
so, as they doesn't provide meaningfull improvement, it was more logical to remove it completely
romain_prizee: 10:20:26
hello world, sorry to come only now i was in meeting :)
Francis Bourre: 10:20:26
ok now, about medias
Francis Bourre: 10:20:51
sound pack has to be redone from scratch (crappy implementation, and big work)
Francis Bourre: 10:20:56
video pack has to be done
Francis Bourre: 10:21:06
axel aigret proposed to work on it
Francis Bourre: 10:21:11
axel, still ok?
Aigret Axel: 10:21:36
yep sure :) site after ...
Francis Bourre: 10:22:07
ok about data access now
Francis Bourre: 10:22:16
we got in the old version (lowra)
Francis Bourre: 10:22:20
a request package
Francis Bourre: 10:22:26
with too  much abstraction
Francis Bourre: 10:22:46
abstraction can kill any workflow
Francis Bourre: 10:22:56
so I removed the whole request pack
Francis Bourre: 10:23:00
and created
Francis Bourre: 10:23:16
a service package more oriented ala pixlib
Francis Bourre: 10:23:31
the abstract stuff is done
Francis Bourre: 10:23:38
brb few secs
Francis Bourre: 10:24:08
Francis Bourre: 10:24:10
here's the pack
Francis Bourre: 10:24:31
the good news is that we got an AbstractService now
Francis Bourre: 10:24:41
witch extends AbstractCommand
Francis Bourre: 10:24:57
so services will be fully oriented
Francis Bourre: 10:25:16
IoC, MVC+C, async process and so on
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:25:28
good :)
gilles Bertrand: 10:25:41
great :)
Francis Bourre: 10:25:45
we got a ServiceLocator that handles stateless services agregation
Francis Bourre: 10:25:50
that's a warhammer
Francis Bourre: 10:25:56
it's there
Francis Bourre: 10:26:03
now we need concrete implementations
Francis Bourre: 10:26:06
of services
Francis Bourre: 10:26:21
romain flacher is working on remoting part
Francis Bourre: 10:26:42
if some people are interested to collaborate on any other implementations, welcome!
Francis Bourre: 10:27:21
the concept is to have abstract access to data with injection
Francis Bourre: 10:27:27
with any techs available
Francis Bourre: 10:27:56
and to have the possibility to change the manner to retrieve data in a plugin without any recompilation of the plugin concerned
Francis Bourre: 10:28:16
it's a bit utopist, but that's our goal
Francis Bourre: 10:28:37
service (abstract part) pack is there to handle that
Francis Bourre: 10:28:57
and we'll do some refactoring each time it's needed
Francis Bourre: 10:29:05
to reach this goal
Francis Bourre: 10:29:31
any questions at this time? (for collaborations, ping me in private later)
romain_prizee: 10:30:01
does remoting part have to match  your service implementation?
Francis Bourre: 10:30:17
remoting must be a standalone pack
Francis Bourre: 10:30:51
and we'll have Remoting service part built on it which will encapsulate remoting features
romain_prizee: 10:31:06
oki get it
Francis Bourre: 10:31:21
it will work in that way for each communication/protocol techs
Francis Bourre: 10:31:45
ok, about transitions
Francis Bourre: 10:32:01
cédric proposed to rename onEnterFrame
Francis Bourre: 10:32:06
that's a good idea
Francis Bourre: 10:32:16
but this will break a lot of code
Néhémie Cédric: 10:32:41
all Kairos notably :P
Aigret Axel: 10:32:46
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:32:46
lowRa are used Keros in native ?
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:32:51
Francis Bourre: 10:32:55
(but it's time to break i think, lowra's is not even in alpha process)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:33:31
nop, but as I've worked on the two libs in parallel, there's is similarity
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:33:48
Néhémie Cédric: 10:34:52
the big change i would made is to renamme onEnterFrame to onTick, which is more meaningful, as an MSBeacon for example don't define time as "frames"
Néhémie Cédric: 10:35:25
and optimize some stuff, such Tweens 
Aigret Axel: 10:35:36
agree :) code must be the most clean and logical
Francis Bourre: 10:35:51
so everyone's ok?
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:35:59
ok for me
gilles Bertrand: 10:36:01
Yes ;)
Benoît Milgram: 10:36:02
Francis Bourre: 10:36:20
Laurent Deketelaere worked on ConfigLoader. I didn't have time to fully check his work, but it sounds interesting, coz it's IoC oriented now
Francis Bourre: 10:36:41
It will be integrated in the whole framework next week
Aigret Axel: 10:36:41
brb 5 min continue i will get after ;)
Francis Bourre: 10:37:07
with maybe some modifications, I can't say it at this time :)
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:37:11
Yes, ConfigLoader has _owner + getCongig( name )
Francis Bourre: 10:37:45
I changed Locator interface these days and did some refactoring on all locators
Francis Bourre: 10:37:47
public interface Locator
function isRegistered( key : String ) : Boolean;
function locate( key : String ) : Object;
function add( d : Dictionary ) : void;
Francis Bourre: 10:37:59
FrontController is a locator too now
Francis Bourre: 10:38:20
we got GraphicLoaderLocator, ModelLocator, ServiceLocator, ViewLocator ...
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:38:41
FrontController == CommandLocator ?
Francis Bourre: 10:38:41
add is implemented and sounds cool for injection later
Francis Bourre: 10:39:00
yes, it implements Locator interface
Francis Bourre: 10:39:21
there are a lot of errors handling now
Francis Bourre: 10:39:34
so it brings us to the last part
Francis Bourre: 10:39:45
Francis Bourre: 10:39:56
I continued from the official trunk
Francis Bourre: 10:40:01
shame on me :p
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:40:27
Francis Bourre: 10:40:42
I did lot of changes (vs pixioc version)
Francis Bourre: 10:40:51
to bring more modularity
Francis Bourre: 10:41:00
about parsing, assembling
Néhémie Cédric: 10:41:06
another things we could talk about is the use of loop commands in IoC parts (notably for the build part)
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:41:12
When do you think have a fixed version of the ioc?
Francis Bourre: 10:41:26
everything is extendable, redefinable and so on
Francis Bourre: 10:42:18
lemme show a quick example to demonstrate the way I'm working on it
Francis Bourre: 10:42:25
public function ContextParser( pc : ParserCollection = null, assembler : ApplicationAssembler = null )
super( assembler );

_oEB = new EventBroadcaster( this );

if ( _pc == null )
_pc = new ParserCollection();
_pc.push( new DLLParser( getAssembler() ) );
_pc.push( new DisplayObjectParser( getAssembler() ) );
_pc.push( new ObjectParser( getAssembler() ) );

} else
_pc = pc;
Francis Bourre: 10:42:40
you can even define your custom parser with custom assemblers
Francis Bourre: 10:42:41
Benoît Milgram: 10:42:48
oh yeah
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:42:52
mmmh :)
Francis Bourre: 10:42:55
so I can't talk about any deadline at this time coz
romain_prizee: 10:42:57
Francis Bourre: 10:43:32
the next goal is to have contexte inclusion, with a namespace for each context with references encapsulated
Francis Bourre: 10:43:46
parent context will be able to target chlid context with dot syntax
Francis Bourre: 10:43:54
we'll have global definition
Francis Bourre: 10:44:13
parent global defs will ovewrite chlid global defs
Francis Bourre: 10:44:22
when it'll be done
Francis Bourre: 10:44:59
we'll be able to work (I cross my fingers) with some real modular stuff with solid errors handling
Francis Bourre: 10:45:22
and runtime typing (thnx to flash 9) which rox for injection
Francis Bourre: 10:46:05
another things we could talk about is the use of loop commands in IoC parts (notably for the build part) <- sure! :)
romain_prizee: 10:46:24
it's in this way you would have xmlcontext include in xmlcontext? :)
Francis Bourre: 10:46:35
Francis Bourre: 10:46:56
and you could have 3 instances of the same context in a parent context without any name conflict
Francis Bourre: 10:46:58
Laurent Deketelaere: 10:47:09
Benoît Milgram: 10:47:10
So LowRA application with plugin could be quickly turn into a plugin itself ?
Francis Bourre: 10:47:20
exactly Benoit :)
Aigret Axel: 10:47:26
i named it PIP plugin in plugin :)
Francis Bourre: 10:47:33
it sound like meta-plugin stuff
romain_prizee: 10:48:02
ll be killer featur like you say francis ^_^
Néhémie Cédric: 10:48:35
for those who don't know about loop command, it's a way to spread computation over time, 
Aigret Axel: 10:48:35
yes awesommmmme ! ;)
gilles Bertrand: 10:48:42
Great :)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:48:56
it could be really useful in the IoC part to get the progress af the assembler
Damien: 10:48:57
cool :)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:49:21
no more freeze when parsing a 100ko XML ^^
mickael: 10:49:31
Sébastien Pautet: 10:49:35
Francis Bourre: 10:49:40
yeah, it allows us to make some fake multi-threadin (I said fake)
Francis Bourre: 10:49:59
that sounds cool, and we must use it each time it's possible
Néhémie Cédric: 10:50:39
it's right, you can play animations during process without killing the fluidity
Francis Bourre: 10:51:06
last part, we still got some inconsistencies on GraphicLoader, just minor, and we'll fix them next week too
Néhémie Cédric: 10:51:31
and it's fully designed to work with lowra Iterable/Iterator stuff 
Francis Bourre: 10:51:49
questions? did we forgot something you need?
Francis Bourre: 10:51:56
(about framework)
Aigret Axel: 10:52:18
like everybody i have my version of lowra
Francis Bourre: 10:52:21
Aigret Axel: 10:52:30
and in it , i have put two things more
Aigret Axel: 10:52:55
one in BeanFactory to get plugin id , when you have instance of a plugin
Aigret Axel: 10:53:22
and two the recursive creation of object in xml :)
like create array in array without using ref
Francis Bourre: 10:53:46
about BeanFactory, it's not there at this time
Francis Bourre: 10:53:53
but we'll got: public function unregisterBean ( bean : Object ) : Boolean
Francis Bourre: 10:54:08
so it's like it's done, I will put it next week
Aigret Axel: 10:54:18
thanks :D
Francis Bourre: 10:54:30
Francis Bourre: 10:54:33
in load pack
Francis Bourre: 10:54:59
XMLLoader sux, deserializer call is useless
Francis Bourre: 10:55:07
if someone wanna fix ti
Néhémie Cédric: 10:55:07
one thing to note, for those who added stuff to lowra, we choosed to remove the I prefix in interface definition ( axel :P )
Francis Bourre: 10:55:16
and add some deserializer features
Francis Bourre: 10:55:16
Francis Bourre: 10:55:26
yeah cédric's right
Aigret Axel: 10:55:40
ok ;) noted
Francis Bourre: 10:55:53
more questions?
Aigret Axel: 10:55:56
and for object in ojbect creation in xml ... ?
Francis Bourre: 10:56:01
more requests?
mickael: 10:56:02
yes another think
mickael: 10:56:15
just about communauty
mickael: 10:56:42
some documentation, discution and code are in 4 points of the web
mickael: 10:56:46
mickael: 10:56:50
mickael: 10:56:52
Francis Bourre: 10:56:59
we'll talk community later :)
mickael: 10:57:00
can we group all in just one
Francis Bourre: 10:57:12
nothing more about the code part?
mickael: 10:57:20
ok :)
Pedro Taranto: 10:57:20
hi guys, sorry I am late
i will read the history that mickael sent me to not ask a repated question
Néhémie Cédric: 10:57:30
I think the google will be the most important location
Néhémie Cédric: 10:57:51
as osflash seems to be somehow dead at this time
mickael: 10:57:51
yes I think too
Francis Bourre: 10:58:02
ok part2 (we're late ^^) about documentation now
Aigret Axel: 10:58:04
i will repeat another time lol , but could we create in the assembler stuff, the possibility to have object in object in xml
Néhémie Cédric: 10:58:06
the main problem is the mailing lists
Francis Bourre: 10:58:31
can you resume the doc state cedric?
Francis Bourre: 10:59:02
cédric is working on doc at this time, but we need more people, he already made an awesome work
Néhémie Cédric: 10:59:19
euuh... there's always a lot of work to be done, but, there's some package which are completely done
Néhémie Cédric: 10:59:24
- collection
Néhémie Cédric: 10:59:37
- structures
Néhémie Cédric: 10:59:51
I'm currently on the events one
Francis Bourre: 10:59:56
(if you have some docs priorities, just shout ^^)
Néhémie Cédric: 10:59:58
and the command one
Francis Bourre: 11:00:12
(I can't guarantee you'll be heard :D )
Benoît Milgram: 11:00:42
I think is a part I can help, I've some time (thanks to my new work) and that a good way to have a good understanding of all this
Néhémie Cédric: 11:00:57
I'll try do my best, but, there's some part which needs a lot of investigation :P
mickael: 11:01:20
I must go out. For now I can contribe to write any tutorial or wiki documentation... ++
Francis Bourre: 11:01:20
so we really need too some howto pdfs and packages pdfs, every ppl which wanna collaborate will gain some free beers :)
romain_prizee: 11:01:26
the community need tutorial and examples may exemple can be include in javadoc?
Francis Bourre: 11:01:50
Néhémie Cédric: 11:02:06
about doc creation, for those who speak french, I wrote a small doc on how create documentation for ASDoc (which is really full of bugs...)
Francis Bourre: 11:02:19
I think that could be good to have some lil online books
Néhémie Cédric: 11:02:21
romain : yes
Francis Bourre: 11:02:26
like : quickstart
Pedro Taranto: 11:02:27
i agree, any tutorials/wiki/documentation/howto would help a lot
Benoît Milgram: 11:02:29
Thanks Cedric, will read that, first ASDoc test give me headache
Francis Bourre: 11:02:35
and every classical stuff
Néhémie Cédric: 11:02:39
i'll try do that when i cand
Francis Bourre: 11:02:57
cédric made some ant tasks
Edgars Simsons: 11:03:06
I don't feel strong enough to contribute in creating code, but I think i could help in documentation
Francis Bourre: 11:03:07
that are really helpful
Francis Bourre: 11:03:16
to make doc, create swc, make doc ...
Francis Bourre: 11:03:36
I think he'll share with you asap :)
Néhémie Cédric: 11:03:41
about ant and doc creation I could post it on the google code wiki
Néhémie Cédric: 11:03:51
when it'll be translated
Francis Bourre: 11:03:56
to make doc, create swc, pass tests ...
Francis Bourre: 11:04:07
it's fully crossplatform
Francis Bourre: 11:04:11
that's the good news
Néhémie Cédric: 11:04:11
Aigret Axel: 11:04:24
very nice i want to try it ;)
Aigret Axel: 11:04:30
and adopt lol
Francis Bourre: 11:04:50
about testing now
Francis Bourre: 11:04:56
we use flexunit
Francis Bourre: 11:05:07
we got ant task to automate the whole process
Francis Bourre: 11:05:25
the tests are available in the trunk rep
Francis Bourre: 11:05:51
we got at this time around 365 tests (can't remember) but with lot of assertions in each test
Francis Bourre: 11:05:56
we need more
Francis Bourre: 11:06:02
but meaningful some
Néhémie Cédric: 11:06:07
about fcsh, we could recommend the installation of the iFac plugin for eclipse, I plan to make some test next week
Francis Bourre: 11:06:11
collaboration is opened too
Francis Bourre: 11:06:31
(yeah fcsh use would be really a nice add in our ant tasks)
romain_prizee: 11:06:40
test is a good source for exemple in some way :)
Benoît Milgram: 11:06:41
I'll like to help on unit testing too
Francis Bourre: 11:06:49
cool benoit! :)
Néhémie Cédric: 11:06:54
yes, I think that a lot of tests needs to be refactored, first to provide meaningful response
Francis Bourre: 11:06:59
so for any collab
Francis Bourre: 11:07:06
gimme in private a gmail
Francis Bourre: 11:07:10
Benoît Milgram: 11:07:10
Okay ;à
Francis Bourre: 11:07:17
I'll add you to googlecode
Néhémie Cédric: 11:07:23
and secondly to make the test creation faster
Francis Bourre: 11:07:24
register to googlegroups
Francis Bourre: 11:07:33
to communicate on your work too
gilles Bertrand: 11:07:36
i must leave hope to rad you soon
Francis Bourre: 11:07:51
last but not least part
Francis Bourre: 11:07:53
community part
Francis Bourre: 11:08:15
we have prehistorical tools at this time
Francis Bourre: 11:08:21
to spread and share information
Francis Bourre: 11:08:44
every proposition/collaboration to make it progress is welcome too
Pedro Taranto: 11:09:14
which is the 'oficial' mailing list? lowra/lowra-support/pixlib?
Néhémie Cédric: 11:09:23
Pedro Taranto: 11:09:30
Néhémie Cédric: 11:09:35
as this is the one the most people know
Aigret Axel: 11:09:36
i am open to dev the website base on a wordpress aka aswing :)
Benoît Milgram: 11:09:36
I think lowra need is official blog to public annoucement and communication and to be the entry point to user / developper and google to be the lowra's developper portal
Néhémie Cédric: 11:10:07
it's a good idea :)
romain_prizee: 11:10:21
yeap i'm agree with benoit need a central point to focus community
Aigret Axel: 11:10:25
i will use in base and change skin and fonctionnality to be a framework blog and dev work capabilities
Aigret Axel: 11:10:42
yes the window of lowra for common user
Aigret Axel: 11:10:52
and a point of explain for all of you :)
Aigret Axel: 11:11:06
you will be capable to write your post on the blog ... etc
Francis Bourre: 11:11:33
blog is cool, but don't you think wiki's the most important tool to share and store infos?
Aigret Axel: 11:11:43
yes prog infos :)
Aigret Axel: 11:12:00
but for common user , they want a blog , with tuto , video and sample to start
Aigret Axel: 11:12:21
and maybe after share of plugin :)
Néhémie Cédric: 11:12:31
the wiki can do that as well, and doesn't need to do anything
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:13:15
Yes, used the googlecode wiki or the osFlash wiki
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:13:19
Aigret Axel: 11:13:45
if we want to touch people we must do a blog , no? all framework with a blog is a plus
Benoît Milgram: 11:13:46
Wiki is great to full documentation, tuto, etc... Blog is to show the constant activity on lowra, but i'm not a wiki professional so maybe a good home page on wiki taht can act "as a blog" is good
Pedro Taranto: 11:13:48
[OT] if could be back online, it would be SUPER, thera are a lot of USEFULL TIPS there :D
Francis Bourre: 11:14:00
romain_prizee: 11:14:16
Aigret Axel: 11:14:21
yes so we can stay on dev process and help on the wiki
François Cubaynes: 11:14:36
+1 for tweenpix :)
Aigret Axel: 11:14:38
a blog can be another way to show the stuff , not for same type of user
Francis Bourre: 11:15:06
so at this time, it could be nice to make some activity on existing wiki and mailing-list. everyone's ok?
Benoît Milgram: 11:15:16
Damien: 11:15:21
agree with the blog for mainstreamcommunication
Aigret Axel: 11:15:31
yep and after when we have a alpha maybe lol
Francis Bourre: 11:15:36
and about blogging
Francis Bourre: 11:15:50
we could think about a ring
Francis Bourre: 11:15:56
i think lot of ppl
Francis Bourre: 11:16:15
would be interested to give their proper vision ...
romain_prizee: 11:16:21
yes and we need to choose one if we choose google ,redirect to google from osflash and clear the osflash page and svn ;) ...
Francis Bourre: 11:16:22
like the adobe ring
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:16:26
For the blogging it's possible to create an aggregator (blogs + rss wiki + rss svn)
Aigret Axel: 11:16:47
yep sur
Néhémie Cédric: 11:17:06
but who will do it ? :P
Francis Bourre: 11:17:06
Benoît Milgram: 11:17:26
Yes Laurent great idea, so as individual we can post on our blogs and keep the community and official thing on wiki
Francis Bourre: 11:18:57
individual blogs sounds cool to me
Francis Bourre: 11:19:03
with agregation
Benoît Milgram: 11:21:58
One thing I think of : Can we make a quick snapshot of package state (Final, Alpha, Refactoring needed) or even Class so we can see the ones on we can start documentation / tutorials
Francis Bourre: 11:23:14
which infos you need?
Francis Bourre: 11:23:29
it's hard at this time to evaluate some parts
Francis Bourre: 11:23:32
some are done
Francis Bourre: 11:23:41
for sure
Benoît Milgram: 11:24:16
I think we can just start to state wich package are OK and we not have big refactoring
Aigret Axel: 11:24:31
Francis Bourre: 11:24:57
everything's enough stable to play with it (to work? yes we did it) except the loading/assembling ioc part and some loading inconsistencies
Francis Bourre: 11:25:11
(minor inconsistencies)
Benoît Milgram: 11:25:11
Okay :)
Francis Bourre: 11:25:45
Francis Bourre: 11:25:56
if not, we'll continue to talk on ml
Benoît Milgram: 11:26:05
Okay great
Benoît Milgram: 11:26:21
Thanks to have taking the time to do this !
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:26:39
Qui veut traduire tt ca en fr ? :p
Aigret Axel: 11:26:45
Damien: 11:27:01
Benoît Milgram: 11:27:46
Perso, je prépare un petit post récapitulatif en français, mais qui ne sera pas une retranscription juste un résum
Aigret Axel: 11:27:51
Can we do a quick summary ot task for people :D
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:28:04
oky :)
Francis Bourre: 11:28:06
sure axel
Aigret Axel: 11:28:09
Francis Bourre: 11:28:17
its all in the log
romain_prizee: 11:28:24
Francis Bourre: 11:28:33
I'll build a tasks resume this week-end
Francis Bourre: 11:28:48
collab are still opened
Benoît Milgram: 11:29:01
Ok, will send a mail to you on what I think I can do
Edgars Simsons: 11:29:12
me too
Francis Bourre: 11:29:27
soundz great
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:29:38
Yes very great
Francis Bourre: 11:29:48
we're gonna bring to flash comm i hope a fucking cool piece of software huhu
Francis Bourre: 11:29:50
Benoît Milgram: 11:29:53
Oh yeah !
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:29:55
lowRA est trop bonne :p
Aigret Axel: 11:30:34
All good piece in a good women :d
Francis Bourre: 11:30:36
see you guys!
Pedro Taranto: 11:30:41
i have some questions about using lowra
i have started work with lowra a few weeks ago, my main difficult is that its look like its only designed to IoC, even using NullPlugin
Am I wrong?
Laurent Deketelaere: 11:30:50